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End-of-studies internship - Banking IT application support | Pre-employment paid internship

Pre-employment paid internship

► Who are we?
Alenia is a leading IT consulting firm specializing in application support, partnering with over 15 global clients. We have offices in London, Paris, Madrid, and Lisbon.

► What sets us apart?
At Alenia, we prioritize the well-being of our employees. Our core values include empathy, kindness, and humility. Emotional intelligence plays a vital role in both our project management and internal corporate life. Our recruitment process primarily focuses on the trust we place in our employees, with our foundations built upon interpersonal dimensions and operational excellence.

Alenia in Portugal:

  • Why join us?

We are embarking on a new journey in Portugal. By joining us, you will be part of an exciting adventure with a young and growing company that will need to establish its structure and scale with the help of its dedicated employees. We seek individuals eager to develop the company, grow together, and share in various activities such as entertainment, outings, hobbies, and sports.

  • What's more?

Upon successful completion of the internship, we offer a permanent contract. Additionally, you may have the opportunity to become an internal team member within our major European banking client.


  • What is it?

A 6-month pre-employment internship, providing theoretical and practical training in application support throughout the internship duration. The Application Support Analyst serves as a critical liaison between the Technical IT, Infrastructure, and Business Teams, ensuring seamless operation of all processes, IT systems, and daily business activities.

  • How does it work?

At the beginning of the internship, Alenia Consulting will provide you with theoretical training in application support. You will then be fully immersed with one of our clients, a major European player in the banking sector. Alenia will support you throughout the internship, ensuring proper integration and training. Our IT production experts will provide on-the-job training, exposing you to an exciting role bridging the gap between development, infrastructure, and business teams - an excellent foundation for a successful career!

  • When does it start?

The internship is set to begin in September.

  • Who are we looking for?

⇒Recent graduates in computer science or a related scientific field.

⇒Attributes such as diligence, autonomy, curiosity, commitment, teamwork, and a strong senseof service.

⇒Familiarity with IT systems, operating systems (Linux), architecture, and networks.

⇒An interest in working in the banking sector.


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Ready to join?

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