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Ouverture des Candidaturas au programme de stages internationaux

Inov Contacto est un Programme d'appui à l'internationalisation des entreprises développé par l'AICEP. L'objectif est de faciliter l'intégration de stagiaires hautement qualifiés et motivés dans les entreprises pour aider celles-ci à se développer à l'international.

Applications are open for the international internship program promoted and managed by AICEP.

AICEP invites you to submit an application to the INOV Contacto program, in order to receive a young Portuguese graduate in your company.

AICEP powers your Organization's growth with INOV Contacto by providing highly qualified Portuguese.

Easy access to valuable human resources | Young talent brings new ideas and knowledge into your business, enhancing international opportunities.

6 months internships abroad | Access to young talents, motivated for an international experience with the right profile according to your need

Free of charge for your organization | AICEP is responsible for the expenses with the interns' compensation, visas, travel and insurances.

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A very simple process | AICEP deals with the whole assessment process to choose the intern and presents you with the best profile for the job

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A trusted program | More than 20 years of experience connecting companies to talented young people. 98% satisfied entities with the interns assigned.

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