Programa SLP & Iseg Executive Education

The Strategic Leadership Program in partnership with Columbia Business School, the world's top-ranked business school according to the Financial Times, and the only Ivy League school situated at the heart of business, focuses on top management leaders, ensuring an exceptional peer group that fosters a high-quality learning environment.  

Apresentação do ISEG Executive Education

Find out 7 compelling reasons why you should consider participating:

1. Discover Your Leadership Identity
Learn about who you are as a leader and develop new understanding for energizing teams and engaging stakeholders.
2. Navigate Innovative Ideas
Reflect on how disruption will shape your industry and learn how to guide your organization through challenges and extraordinary times.
3. Understand Business Disruption
Gain insights on key drivers that are the underlying elements of business disruption.
4. Experience Transformation
Delve into a life-changing experience and discover a new passion for business, leadership, and the future.
5. Develop Power Skills
Build and develop social capital and power skills essential for leadership success.
6. Tap Into Peer Expertise
Delve into collective knowledge, cross-industry insights, and life experiences from a world-class peer group.

7. Address Current Leadership Challenges
Discuss the main topics of today's leadership agenda and how they impact organizational growth and success.


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